Introduction to the Percheron Heritage Foundation

PHFThe idea for creating the Percheron Heritage Foundation (PHF) came from repeated demand for clinics for instruction on how to start or improve with using draft horses -specifically Percherons in this case-and the money to host these events.
In 2019 the Percheron Horse Association of America sponsored clinics with clinicians Colleen Coleman at Foundation Farms in Dahlonega, Georgia and Brian Lynch & Linda Klinger in Eaton, Colorado. These clinics were organized by PHAoA directors Anne Clary for the Georgia event and Joel Newcomer and Brenda Grant for the Colorado clinic. Both clinics were extremely successful. Attendees wanted more clinics and were hungry for more knowledge.
Fundraising to sponsor more of these clinics really pushed the need to create a not for profit Percheron Heritage Foundation.
A committee of Brenda Grant, Larry Honsberger and Jane Gray was tasked with creating by-laws that eventually passed muster by the PHAoA Board of Directors at the fall of 2020 conference call meeting. Following board approval of the by-laws Attorney, Jeremy Abrams, of Kidwell & Cunningham of Mount Vernon, OH created the Articles of Incorporation to create PHF as an Ohio not for profit corporation. As soon as we were notified that Ohio Secretary of State had accepted our PHF incorporation paperwork, we submitted the application for not for profit status to IRS.
After clarifying our mission to IRS, PHF was granted on April 10. 2021 the not for profit status as a 501(c)(3) corporation with the effective date of November 20, 2020.
This status enables the PHF to accept tax deductible donations for the purpose of educating the public about Percheron draft horses.
The by-laws for the Percheron Heritage Foundation were published in the previous issue of the Percheron News, 2021 Winter/Spring issue.
Temporarily for organizational purposes, the executive committee members of the Percheron Horse Association of America are serving as trustees of this newly formed Foundation.
At the fall 2021 PHAoA annual members’ meeting the first slate of officers for PHF will be elected and charged with carrying out the PHF educational mission.
Our clinics have been very well received by Percheron owners and ones who want to own a Percheron. In addition to providing education these clinics are also a good way to promote the sale of horses.
PHF received its first donations from Brian & Stacie Lynch and from the now retired Great Plains Select Percheron Sale. An opportunity to donate will be included on the annual membership forms.
Contributing to the Percheron Heritage Foundation is a good way to promote interest in newbies to the draft industry-specifically Percherons. We have demand for more clinics all across the US. All we need are donations to pay for sponsoring the clinics.
Tax deductible donations are now being accepted. You may mail your donation to Percheron Heritage Foundation, PO Box 318, Fredericktown, OH 43019. Questions concerning the Percheron Heritage Foundation can be directed to
A website is now under development,

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