2019 GDHA Spring Seminar

The spring clinic was held at Foundation Farms in Dahlonega, Georgia. Crystal Mitchell, Rebecca Cannon, Lynn Johnson and Anne Clary helped coordinate the location and a clinician for the event. Coleen Coleman, the clinician, was asked to instruct over 50 participants on decoration and show preparation. Coleman was contacted by the Percheron Horse Association of America to teach and judge the Spring Clinic and then judge their show.

Several members of the Georgia Draft Horse Association provided a wide range of draft horses to practice skills on. After a short introduction to what she does with draft horses, Coleman demonstrated how to start preparing a horse for a show. Mane rolling, tail typing for long and short tails foretop placement, flowers and sprigs were the next topics observed by participants.

Lamar Mitchell gave a demonstration on showmanship techniques and gave constructive advice regarding showmanship to several youth participants. The clinic was followed by the first part of the spring show, consisting of tiny tot, trail riding, western riding and barrel racing. A vaulting demonstration started the evening off. Starting Sunday morning, participants were given an opportunity to compete in English riding, showmanship, decorating and cart classes.

All participants were consistently anticipating the next class. Tack was gleaming and horses were spotless. As a collective group. The Georgia Draft Horse Association presented themselves as a show- ready unit. Percherons were the dominant breed in the western riding classes on Friday night. It was promising to see all the enthusiasm from all of those who attended. We are very grateful for Colleen Coleman for coming all the way from Canada to provide educational opportunities for participants and to judge the spring show. We would also like to praise the GDHA for their dedication to the clinic/ show and the draft horse. The love they showed for their horses was apparent. Thank you to the Percheron Association for providing funds to get Colleen Coleman to Georgia and share her expertise.

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